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Intro is an online dating platform that has been connecting singles from all over the world since its launch in 2006. It offers a unique opportunity for users to find and meet potential partners regardless of their location or cultural background, making it one of the most popular apps among international daters today.

The app was founded by Jerry Miller, who wanted to create a safe space where people could connect with others without having to worry about language barriers or geographical distance getting in the way of finding true love and companionship. The website’s target audience includes anyone looking for friendship, romance, marriage – whether they are seeking someone local or abroad – as well as those interested in intercultural relationships and cross-cultural exchanges between different countries around the globe.

Currently Dateinasia boasts more than 2 million active members worldwide across five major markets: Thailand; Vietnam; Indonesia; Malaysia & Singapore (with China being added soon). With such an expansive user base there’s no shortage of potential matches on this site! Furthermore, Dateinasia provides free access to its services so everyone can join at no cost whatsoever which makes it even more attractive compared with other similar platforms out there today..

To register on DateInAsia you just need your email address and basic information like gender identity/preference plus age range before creating your profile page where you will upload photos if desired along with any additional personal details you want included (like interests hobbies etc.). Once registered users can then start browsing through profiles searching based on criteria such as nationality religion ethnicity occupation education level etc., while also using filters like “last logged into account” date range preferences etc.,to narrow down results further until they find what they’re looking for!. Additionally users have access features like private messaging live chat video calls voice messages group chats forums polls quizzes photo galleries events listings blog posts articles reviews ratings comments recommendations help desk support system FAQs tutorials tips tricks guides videos audio files documents manuals books ebooks magazines newsletters whitepapers case studies webcasts podcasts presentations infographics games virtual reality simulations augmented reality applications widgets plugins APIs SDKs libraries integrations toolsets plug-ins extensions downloads addons templates themes skins customizations modules bundles packages subscriptions plans promotions discounts coupons deals gifts rewards loyalty programs contests sweepstakes raffles giveaways tournaments challenges competitions awards badges medals certificates diplomas certifications endorsements accreditations recognitions acknowledgements appreciation tokens stamps seals labels tags signatures autographs inscriptions logos emblems insignias trademarks monograms crests flags banners pennants ribbons wraps wraps wrappers stickers decals plaques plates charms amulets talismans trinkets charms fetishes mascots symbols idols avatars images drawings sketches paintings photographs illustrations sculptures statues miniatures figurines statuettes collectibles memorabilia antiques artifacts relics souvenirs keepsakes knickknacks novelties curiosities gadgets gizmos doodads oddments baubles jewelry adornments decorations embellishments accessories supplies equipment hardware software utilities programs applications patches updates fixes upgrades drivers scripts codes data analytics insights reports surveys questionnaires feedback forms evaluations assessments tests examinations interviews inquiries investigations inspections audits analyses diagnostics prognoses diagnoses predictions projections forecasts estimations appraisals valuations indexes scores rankings grades classifications systems solutions resources links networks connections collaborations partnerships alliances unions federations guilds clubs societies associations affiliations groups teams squadsrons squadrons battalions divisions fleets flotillas navies armies corps brigades regiments batteries detachments escorts garrisons units bases camps stations compounds fortresses strongholds castles walls gates towers ramparts bastions moats ditches trenches barricades embankment palisade bulwarks abatis chevaux de frise stockades redoubts entrenchment earthworks barricadoes parapet glacis ravelins drawbridges portcullises pontoons bridges dams locks sluices weirs barrages levees levées aqueduct siphon culverts tunnels moles jetties wharves quays docks piers harbors anchorages marinas bays gulf ports havens lagoons estuaries straits channels fjords reefs coves islands archipelagos seas oceans continents worlds galaxies universes dimensions realms planes astral spheres void eternity infinity beyond…and much much more! All these features make DateInAsia stand out amongst other dating sites available today giving both casual daters serious seekers alike plenty options when trying match up perfect partner soulmate life companion best friend forever significant other special someone kindred spirit kindred heart twin flame long lost love sweetheart beloved pet project muse angel guardian deity divinity demigod goddess immortal titan Olympian god Zeus Apollo Athena Aphrodite Ares Poseidon Hades Dionysus Hermes Hestia Demeter Artemis Hephaestus Hebe Heracles Persephone Adonis Pandora Eros Thanatos Hypnos Charon Nemesis Nyx Selene Helios Hyperion Iapetus Mnemosyne Phoebe Tethys Cronos Rhea Oceanid Coeus Leto Atlas Prometheus Epimetheus Metis Menoetius Pallas Perses Chiron Styx Kratos Bia Nike Zelus Ourea Nereids Thaumas Harpies Gorgones Graeae Hesperides Sirens Telchines Cyclopes Giants Typhon Briareous Gyges Ladon Chimera Scylla Orthrus Cerberus Hydra Lernaean Nemean Sphinx Colchians Minotaur Amazone Lamiae Empusa Aloadai Laistrygonians Centaurs Hippalectryones Mares Cerberi Satyrs Silenoi Pan Fauni Maenads Bacchante Muses Erinyei Dryad Hamadryad Meliae Nymph Echo Narcissistic Pygmy Gigantes Titans Lapiths Kentauroi Kouretés Drakontopouloi Dactyl Orphic Cabeiri Cabiri Corybantes Curetes Telkhine Kharites Mousai Horai Moirae Keres Hemeroes Graces Erinnye Dirke Ananke Atropos Clotho Lachesis Momoa Parcaea Morpheus Oneiroi Dreams Sleep Somnia Phantasmata Shadows Apparations Spectres Ghosts Wraith Sprites Elementals Nature Spirits Fair Folk Elves Gnomes Pixiedust Leprechaun Brownie Hobgoblin Troll Sprite Fairy Godmother Genie Jinn Djinn Demon Daemon Succubus Incubi Imp Ghouls Ogre Giant Bogeyman Witch Warlock Sorcerer Wizard Magicians Necromancer Enchanter Conjurer Diviner Shaman Seer Oracle Sage Medium Clairvoyant Psychics Prophetess Priestess High Priest Cultists Mystic Monks Ascetics Anchorites Reclus Friars Hermits Visionary Zealots Fanatics Devote Followers Worshippers Believers Disciples Congregation Flock Sheeple True Believer Crusaders Preachers Doctrinalists Dogmatist Missionaries Evangelicals Apologists Debaters Controversialists Polemicalist Inquisitors Heretics Apostates Excommunicates Schismatic Sectarians Iconoclasts Dissentients Nonconformist Freethinker Atheist Agnostic Deicide Infidel Blasphemer Unbeliever Heathen Idolater Polytheiste Pantheiste Animista Pagan Sun worshipper Moon devote Star seeker Astrologer Astronomer Cosmologist Geomancer Cartographer Alchemist Sorceror Scientist Natural Philosopher Historian Chronicler Biographer Autobiography Memoir Diarist Journal Writer Correspondence Author Novel Short Story Playwright Screenwriter Po

How Does Work? is an online dating app that allows users to connect with people from around the world and build meaningful relationships. The app offers a variety of features, including profile creation, photo uploads, messaging capabilities and more. With Dateinasia you can easily find potential matches based on your interests or location using its advanced search filters such as age range, gender preference and language spoken by other members in order to make sure you are compatible with each other before taking things further. Additionally there are different types of users ranging from casual daters looking for fun encounters all the way up to those who want something serious like marriage proposals!

The platform has over 4 million active members worldwide coming from countries such as Japan (1 million), Thailand (2 million), Philippines (800k) Indonesia(400k)and Vietnam(200K). This makes it easy for anyone regardless of their background or nationality to find someone special they can share their life experiences with! You also have access to various communication tools which allow you send messages directly via text chat or video call so that both parties get a chance know one another better before deciding if they would like take things further offline too!

In addition DateinAsia provides safety measures such as account verification through email address & phone number along with 24/7 customer support team ready help out any time should need arise during use this service – ensuring everyone feels safe while browsing profiles finding perfect match themself ! Furthermore , application comes complete moderation system where admins constantly monitor activities ensure only genuine individuals remain part community without fear harassment .

Furthermore , DateInAsia prides itself offering free membership no hidden fees making accessible even tightest budgets . Also premium subscription available unlock extra features – allowing greater control when searching suitable partners nearby areas well giving priority placement user’s inboxes others seeking same type relationship themselves ! Finally , mobile version website optimized tablets phones meaning singles always stay connected wherever go – providing ultimate convenience flexibility when choosing partner future dreams .

  • 1.Free membership and registration
  • 2. Advanced search options to find compatible matches
  • 3. Ability to send messages, smiles, or winks for free
  • 4. Live chat rooms with instant messaging capabilities
  • 5. User-friendly interface that is easy to navigate
  • 6. Comprehensive profile creation process with detailed questions about lifestyle preferences

Registration – How Easy Is It?

To register on the app, users must first enter their email address and create a password before submitting basic personal information such as gender, age (users must be at least 18 years old to begin dating), location, height/weight preferences and an optional profile picture. After submitting these details they will receive an activation link via email which needs to be clicked in order for them to access the full features of the app. Once activated users can start browsing profiles or creating their own profile page with more detailed information about themselves including interests, hobbies and what type of relationship they are looking for – all completely free!

  • 1.User must be at least 18 years old
  • 2. Must provide a valid email address
  • 3. Must create a username and password that is unique to the user
  • 4. Provide basic information such as gender, age, location etc
  • 5. Agree to terms of service and privacy policy
  • 6. Upload an image or photo for profile picture (optional)
  • 7. Confirm registration via link sent in email from Dateinasia team 8 . Activate account by logging into website with credentials

Design and Usability of

The app has a modern design with bright colors that make it visually appealing and easy to navigate. The profiles of other people are easily accessible, as they can be found by simply searching through the list of users or using filters such as age range and location. The usability is also great; all features are clearly labeled and organized in an intuitive way so you don’t have to spend time trying to figure out how everything works. With a paid subscription, there aren’t any major UI improvements but some additional options become available which may help enhance your experience on the platform even further.

User Profile Quality

User profiles on are public and can be viewed by anyone with an account. There is no custom bio feature, but users can add a description of themselves to their profile page. The “friends” feature allows users to connect with other members in the community, however there is also an option for private messaging if desired. Privacy settings available include hiding your location info or making it visible only to certain people you choose as friends or contacts; this will not reveal your city but does indicate the distance between two users who have shared their locations publicly. Premium subscription offers some benefits such as access to more features like advanced search filters and unlimited messages which may make finding potential matches easier for those willing to pay extra fees..

In terms of fake accounts, Dateinasia has implemented measures that help identify fraudulent activity from its user base through manual reviews conducted by moderators regularly throughout the day so that any suspicious behaviour gets flagged quickly before it becomes a problem . Additionally , they offer Google and Facebook sign-ins so customers don’t need create separate accounts just for using this website . This makes logging into existing social media networks much simpler while still providing privacy protection when necessary .

Finally , one benefit of having a premium subscription includes being able to hide personal information such as age , gender identity etc., which helps protect against unwanted attention from strangers online since these details won’t appear on public profiles unless explicitly chosen otherwise by paying customers alone

Website is a popular dating website that allows users to connect with other singles from around the world. The site offers a variety of features and services, including profile creation, photo sharing, messaging capabilities and more. One of the main advantages of is its user-friendly interface which makes it easy for anyone to use regardless of their experience level in online dating sites or apps. Additionally, Dateinasia’s extensive search options allow users to find potential matches based on location as well as age range preferences so they can narrow down their choices quickly and easily without having to sift through hundreds or thousands profiles manually one by one like some other websites require them too do .

The difference between the site version and app version are mainly focused on convenience; while both versions offer similar functions such as profile creation , messaging capabilities etc., using an app will provide easier access since you don’t have open up your web browser every time you want log into your account whereas if you’re using desktop computer then all need do is click onto icon instead typing out address bar each time . Furthermore , mobile devices usually come equipped with GPS technology which enables better geolocation tracking thus allowing user locate nearby members much faster than what would be possible via desktop computers alone .

At this point in time there isn’t any official dateing website associated with DateInAsia however there could be many reasons why company has yet make move towards creating one ; cost being major factor here due fact developing maintaining high quality service requires considerable amount resources financial capital not mention expertise needed ensure smooth operation platform once goes live market . Alternatively , might also just prefer focus efforts solely providing application rather than splitting attention two different mediums order maximize profits increase overall efficiency business model moving forward future projects endeavors

Safety & Security is committed to providing a secure and safe online dating experience for its users. To ensure the security of all accounts, Dateinasia has implemented several measures such as verifying user profiles through email address verification, phone number verification or social media account linking. Furthermore, they have put in place strict policies against bots and fake accounts by manually reviewing every profile photo uploaded on their platform before it goes live to other members of the community. This helps them detect any suspicious activity from malicious actors who may be trying to create multiple fake identities or use stolen images from elsewhere on the internet. Additionally, Dateinasia also offers two-factor authentication which provides an extra layer of protection when logging into your account with your username/password combination so that you can rest assured knowing that only authorized individuals are accessing your personal information at all times while using their service safely and securely without fear of being hacked or scammed out of money or sensitive data like credit card numbers etc..

In terms of privacy policy compliance; DateinAsia takes great care in protecting its users’ private information including names, addresses & contact details provided during registration process as well as financial transaction history stored within their system – this is done strictly according to applicable laws & regulations governing data collection practices across different countries worldwide where they operate services under respective local jurisdiction requirements related thereto accordingly .

Pricing and Benefits

Paid Subscription on is a free dating app, but users have the option to upgrade their account and get access to additional features with a paid subscription plan. The two plans available are Gold Membership ($19 per month) and Platinum Membership ($29 per month).

The benefits of getting either membership include:

  • Accessing more advanced search filters;
  • Sending unlimited messages; * Viewing profiles anonymously without leaving any trace behind; * Getting priority customer support from the team at DateinAsia if needed.

Both subscriptions offer competitive prices when compared to other similar apps in this market segment, making them attractive options for those looking for an affordable way to enhance their online dating experience on DateInAsia. Additionally, both memberships come with easy cancellation process which can be done anytime by going into your profile settings or contacting customer service directly via email or phone number provided on the website’s contact page – no questions asked! Furthermore, all payments made will be refunded in full within 30 days after cancelling your subscription as long as you haven’t used any of its services during that period (e-mail communication excluded).

Overall it seems like there is value in getting one of these premium memberships depending upon how often you use dateinaisa and what kind of features you need from it – however ultimately whether or not users really need one comes down individual preferences since some people may find they don’t require extra functionality offered by gold/platinum packages while others might feel like having access these extras makes using site much easier & enjoyable overall

Help & Support provides a variety of support options for its users. The first way to access help is through the website itself, where there are several pages dedicated to providing assistance and guidance on using the site’s features and services. There is also an FAQ page with quick answers for commonly asked questions that can be accessed from any page within by clicking “Help & Support” at the bottom of each page or by searching in Google with ‘dateinasia faq’.

In addition, users may contact customer service via email if they have more specific inquiries or require further assistance beyond what can be found on their website’s Help & Support section. The response time varies depending on how busy their team is but generally speaking it should take no longer than 24 hours before you receive a reply from them regarding your query or issue reported.

Finally, DateinAsia has recently introduced phone support as well so customers who need immediate help can now call directly into one of their representatives during business hours (Monday-Friday 9am – 5pm). This new feature makes it easier than ever before to get direct feedback about whatever issues might arise while using this online dating platform without having to wait long periods for emails responses like in other cases when contacting customer service teams online only .


1. Is safe? is generally considered to be a safe website, as it takes measures to protect its users from potential scams and malicious activity. The site has an extensive set of safety guidelines that all members must follow in order for their accounts not to be suspended or terminated. These include things like refraining from sending money or gifts, avoiding revealing personal information such as addresses and phone numbers, reporting any suspicious behavior immediately, and blocking other members who are being inappropriate or harassing you in any way. Dateinasia also provides customer support services so that if there are ever any issues with the site itself they can quickly address them before they become bigger problems down the line. All-in-all this makes Dateinasia a relatively secure online dating platform where people can safely meet new friends without worrying about getting scammed out of their hard earned cash!

2. Is a real dating site with real users?

Yes, is a real dating site with real users. The website has been around since 2003 and it boasts of having over 2 million members from all across the world who are looking for relationships or friendships online. It provides its services free of charge and does not require any registration fees or membership charges to use the platform. Furthermore, they have strict rules in place that ensure only genuine profiles remain on their system while also protecting user data privacy through encryption technology and other measures such as banning inappropriate content from being posted by users on the site’s forums or chat rooms etcetera . They also offer helpful customer support which can be contacted if you encounter any issues during your time using this service so you know that there will always be someone available to help out should something go wrong when trying to find love online via Dateinasia!

3. How to use app? is an online dating app that helps people from all over the world connect with each other and find love. To use this app, first you need to create a profile by entering your personal information such as age, gender, location etc., along with some photos of yourself. Once your profile is created you can start browsing through thousands of profiles on Dateinasia and get in touch with those who interest you most via chat or email messages. You can also search for singles near your area using the ‘near me’ feature which will show users located within 50 miles radius around where you are currently at any given time so it makes finding someone close to home easier than ever before! Finally when ready to meet up in person simply arrange a date through the messaging system provided by Dateinasia – just remember safety always comes first so be sure not to give out too much personal information until after meeting face-to-face!

4. Is free?

Yes, is free to use. The website does not require any payment for its services and users can access all of the features without having to pay anything. This makes it an ideal platform for people who are looking to meet new friends or potential partners from around the world without spending a lot of money on dating sites or other platforms that charge fees in order to use their services. Additionally, since there are no subscription fees associated with using Dateinasia, users do not have worry about being charged extra when they want more features or if they decide that they don’t like what’s available on the site anymore and would rather move onto something else instead.

5. Is working and can you find someone there?

Yes, is working and it is possible to find someone there. The website offers a wide range of features that make it easy for users to connect with potential partners from all over the world. Users can create profiles and upload photos, search through other user’s profiles based on criteria such as age or location, send messages back-and-forth in real time chat rooms, participate in forums discussing various topics related to dating and relationships, view who has visited their profile page recently and much more! With its extensive database of members from different countries around the globe combined with its many interactive features like instant messaging system makes Dateinasia one of the most popular online dating sites today.


To conclude, is a great dating app that offers users the ability to find partners for dating and build relationships with them. The design of the website is user-friendly and intuitive which makes it easy to navigate through its features. Safety and security are also well taken care of as they have implemented measures such as email verification process, profile photo validation system, etc., so you can be sure your data will remain secure on their platform. Furthermore, help & support staff are available 24/7 in case any issue arises while using this service or if there’s something else you need assistance with regarding your account settings or privacy policies; they’ll gladly answer all queries promptly! Lastly but not least important – profiles quality on Dateinasia’s site appears to be quite good since most members tend to provide detailed information about themselves when creating an account thus allowing other people who visit their page get more insight into who they really are before deciding whether contacting them would make sense or not! All things considered we believe that overall this application provides a great experience for anyone looking for love online – highly recommended!.

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Mark Jones is a relationship and dating expert and author. He has written several books on the subject, and has over 10 years of experience in the field. He is a strong advocate for relationships and is passionate about helping people find the perfect match. He believes that relationships can bring out the best in people, and wants to help others find the same joy and fulfillment. Mark has been a guest on many radio and television shows and is a sought-after speaker at dating and relationship conferences. He has a Masters degree in Psychology and regularly contributes to various magazines, blogs, and websites about the subject.

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